Terms and Conditions for Wholesale

Thank you for your interest in DEAR BY RENÉE® Advanced Clinical Skin Care. Our goal is to make your skin smoother, brightener, younger looking with irresistible glow. You will start to see amazing skin improvements in just FOUR weeks of use.  Here are a few requirements and guidelines Resellers must meet to qualify for wholesale use and distribution of DEAR BY RENÉE® products.

Proof of Business:

- Reseller must have a retail storefront, spa, boutique, or online store retailing products to consumers or must use products on clients.

- Reseller must have a valid business # and/or tax ID #. California Resellers must have a resale certificate and a resale license on file in order to qualify to buy DEAR BY RENÉE® products at wholesale prices.

- If listing online, Reseller must keep product name and description the same as listed by DEAR BY RENÉE®, unless agreed upon.

- Reseller must sell products at listed MSRP. Reseller may discount products during a sale, which can last up to 45 days, unless agreed upon a different length of time.

- When creating marketing information for DEAR BY RENÉE® products and/or DEAR BY RENÉE® as a brand, Reseller must only use information, statements and/or claims provided by DEAR BY RENÉE® unless approved by the DEAR BY RENÉE® team.   

Payment Terms

A minimum opening order of $500 USD at wholesale pricing before applicable shipping/handling and/or tax is required to open a wholesale account. A minimum of $2500 USD annually at wholesale pricing is required to keep your wholesale account.

All orders are to be paid by credit card or bank wire before they can be shipped. A $25 fee will be charged for any dues unpaid due to insufficient funds or declined payment.

Ordering Samples/Testers

If you would like to try the products before placing an opening order we offer a discount of 30% off retail pricing. These discounts cannot be applied toward any other discount promotions. They are only applied toward the itemized retail products listed on the wholesale price list. Back bar sizes are only available for established wholesale accounts.

Once your wholesale account is open you can purchase testers for your business at our wholesale pricing. We do not provide free testers. 

Submitting Your Order

All orders must be emailed to: info@dearbyrenee.com. No phone orders please; we need a hard copy of your orders.

Making Your Order

DEAR BY RENÉE® makes every effort to ensure all product offerings are always available. However, due to the natural ingredients and fewer preservatives of our products we do not stock large quantities of inventory. Once we receive your order, it takes around 10 business days to make your order. This does not include the transit time it takes to get to you. During the Holiday season the lead time may be 3-4 weeks.

We strive to make your order correctly, and within a timely manner. If you need to add products to an existing order or changes need to be made to an existing order, please make sure to contact us immediately and to send us a revised copy of your order. We need to have a hard copy of all orders, resubmitted with additions or changes.

Product and/or Price Adjustments

DEAR BY RENÉE® makes every effort to inform Resellers prior to making any product and/or price adjustments; however products and/or prices are subject to change without notice.


Becoming a Reseller does not automatically grant that Reseller exclusivity within their geographic region. DEAR BY RENÉE® reserves all rights to consider approving new additional Resellers in any region on a case-by-case basis.


DEAR BY RENÉE® prides itself on professional education in the industry and believes that regular training is vital in optimizing each Reseller’s financial performance, End-Consumer retention and staff engagement. Online and/or in-house training will be provided by DEAR BY RENÉE® for Resellers and their staff.  As a courtesy to our Educators, please provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to our Educators to request rescheduling of training.


Reseller is responsible for shipping fee. Rates depend on the actual weight of shipment. DEAR BY RENÉE® is not responsible for any customs fees, duties, taxes or brokerage fees involved in the shipping or receiving of your package. Please research these fees and taxes prior to placing your order. Please note that if an international package is refused or undeliverable for any reason, it will be abandoned at customs and there will be no reimbursement for the product or the shipping fee.


Any order reshipped due to being refused or undeliverable the first time will have the original freight charge added to the amount due.

Return Policy

It is the Reseller’s responsibility to inspect all packages upon receipt and immediately report any physical signs of damage to product and/or any discrepancies between the product list in the shipment and the physical product received.

The Reseller agrees to have read, understood and accepted the terms of the DEAR BY RENÉE® Return Policy.

Closing an Account

In its absolute discretion, DEAR BY RENÉE® may close any Reseller’s account for any reason with 10 days’ written notice, sent to the Reseller’s billing address. DEAR BY RENÉE® retains the right to close a Reseller's account immediately, and without any prior notice, if it has cause to do so.



These Terms and Conditions will govern all sales of DEAR BY RENÉE® products to the Reseller. DEAR BY RENÉE® reserves the right to change them at any time, without prior notice.