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Covering Customer Queries in Top Choice Magazine

Choosing high quality and tested skin care products can definitely improve the look and feel of your skin and actually give your skin a glow.  As with anything in life though, trying something new and unknown can be scary. That is why we love this article, which covers many of our potential customers’ most pressing questions such as:

  • How do I choose products for my specific skin type and skin concerns and issues?
  • What is it about your products that make them work so well?
  • Are your products safe if I am breast-feeding?
  • Can I use your products following a laser treatment?
  • If I start using your products, will I need to throw away my current products?
  • How can I choose a skin care routine that is best for me?
  • Is switching to Dear by Renee right for me?

Please read the answers to these questions through our coverage in Top Choice Magazine(page 56).

Top Choice Magazine is an excellent resource for finding top rated/award winning products and services. It was an honour being chosen for their Fall issue’s Health and Beauty section!


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