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Winter Skincare: 6 Tips for Beautiful Skin in the Winter

Winter skincare is essential for beauty. Consider the following products:

For oiliness/acne skin, use: Youth Hydra Serum for hydration

For dry/mature skin, use: Hydra Lipid Serum for hydration

Winter weather can be harsh on the skin. With cold, dry air, moisture is evaporated from the skin and can lead to faster aging of the skin. It can be difficult to find an effective skin routine that will not only keep your skin clean and oil free, but moisturized and protected. We've put together a list below that will help you keep your skin radiant and beautiful even in these winter months.

Winter Skincare Tip #1: Wash Face With Warm Water

To maintain the healthy oils (sebum) in your skin, it's important to wash with luke warm water, rather than hot water. The hot water can open up the pores too much, robbing your skin of it's natural moisture. These open pores are then welcoming in bacteria. It's important to keep the oils in your skin.

Winter Skincare Tip #2: Choose an Effective Moisturizer

We need extra protection in the winter when it comes to keeping the skin moisturized. An effective moisturizer that will keep you protected in the winter is the Enriched Luxe Moisturizer.

The Enriched Luxe Moisturizer combines Squalane, Antioxidants, and Algae Extract to help boost collagen production while promoting healthy, hydrated skin. It is effective on firming the skin as well as treating irritation, even for sensitive skin and Rosacea.

Winter Skincare Tip #3: Use SPF Protection

Winter requires preparation: parkas, boots, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. However, while the cold air is enough to numb us, that sun still has the power to damage skin. It's important wear a UV SPF protection on your face in the winter as well! Consider the Physical Daily Repair Tint SPF 30+ as a protective layer for your skin.


Winter Skincare Tip #4: Drink Water

Even in the winter, water is essential for hydration. If you're cold, try drinking warm water - it's easier for digestion and will keep you toasty so you can drink more of it without feeling cold! Adding a bit of lemon is a great way to cleanse your organs.

Winter Skincare Tip #5: Moisturize Overnight

Allow your body to absorb moisture by putting on lotion over night. A great product for your face that is for overnight moisturizing is the Antioxidant Complex. 


For Oily/Acne-prone/Combination to oily skin, we recommend you to mix one pump of this product with one pump of our 7-in-1 Rejuvenator serum in palm and apply evenly to face.

For Sensitive skin, we recommend you to mix one pump of this product with one pump of our Ultra Soothe serum in palm and apply evenly to face for calming down sensitivity.

For Normal/Dry/Combination to dry skin, we recommend you to mix one pump of this product with one pump of our Hydra Lipid serum in palm and apply evenly to face for intensive hydration.

Winter Skincare Tip #6: Exfoliate

In the winter we get dry flakey. It's important to exfoliate your skin. The best product for full body exfoliation is the Daily Papaya Mint Scrub.


Do you have other tips for pampering winter skin? Please share!

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